I'm going to build this page up and keep it relevant to Autograss Race Engines only:
 April 2012
 New spec 1400 Vauhall engine unit now offered at a very low price to suit fast road use - good for mini transplants or serious road going corsas, but mainly for Class 5 Autograss. see "Price Guides, Engine" only £1995, ready to fit.
 March, 2012. oversize Micra pistons again available for Class 2. £230 a set, delivered - or your block bored to suit and these pistons fitted to your rods for £300
2nd December
I have a 1200 Micra full Class 2 Race Engine and a 1300 Nova  fullClass 2 race engine sat on the bench for immediate sale. Both built for customers who have fell on hard times (well haven't turned up to pay for what they ordered!)
Both will be sold to the first people who ask.
Ring for specs and prices but don't hang about  - 4th December - both engines sold!
Class 1 Micra 16v - don't waste your money, don't get ripped off
I’ve had several requests to rework these 1 litre Micra engines for next years Class 1 and have declined them all.
The rules are written such that you can’t do anything to them – at all!
Well actually you can skim 10 thou off the head – which will do nothing. That’s been included just in case your engine’s had a skim earlier in its life.
If I were to strip and rebuild it and fit new pistons (in the standard bores cos that’s how they have to remain), polish the crank (cos I’m not allowed to grind it), I can’t balance it by the way. I’d fit new shells – probably unnecessarily, hope the deck of the block hasn’t distorted cos they often do and I’m not allowed to skim it, decoke the head – I can’t touch the seats at all or the valves etc etc etc, It’d cost you a good thousand pounds because parts are so dear and its still time consuming. Furthermore because the new rings would be running on honed bores and everything would have more friction for a while, it would probably be slower than any low mileage scrapper.
You’ll have another problem as well I think with scrutineering: If your scrutineer sees a fresh built engine under the bonnet I can nearly guarantee you that he’ll want the head off if you win anything of note. If its a “straight from the scrapyard” engine probably not. Taking the head off isn’t a 5 minute job and it isn’t a 5 quid job to put it back on.
The rules are there to keep costs down - money spent on these engines will be wasted.
31st October
1200 MICRA
If time permits I'll build up a 1200 Micra full engine, ready to race Class 2 unit. The quickest Class 2 engines ever!
£1000, ready to fit     2/11/11 - Not built yet but SOLD
31st October
NOVA 1300
I have just gathered together pretty well the last of my old core 1300 Nova stuff and have enough to build another engine. The last two sold quickly, the first to Graham M for 1300 stockcar use and the second - yet to be finished - Graham B for Class 2. This next one will be with a linered block which will be a bonus (30% greater tensile strenght in the liners etc - and usually an expensive option) and will be available in about 2 weeks. I'll keep building as and when I can and whilst I keep finding the old units. I have two old units in the pipeline but one is £200 and the other £225 basically for a load of old castings! This engine will sell out at the usual £975 on exchange or it'll have to be £1100 outright. Again, get your name down!
 19th Oct
NOVA ENGINE IN STOCK SOLD but will have another one soon - get your name on it! ALSO SOLD!
I have a 1300 Nova Class 2 engine now in stock. Its ready to fit. I have been able to utilise some good used parts that won't affect performance at all. As such I am able to reduce the price
If you have a servicable unit to exchange its £900, if not its £1000. For further details drop me an e-mail.
Are getting increasingly hard to obtain in good condition.
Given the price being asked for replacements I'm happy to liner your block back to standard,+.50mm or +1.00mm bore.
By fitting press fit high quality liners the block is brought back to better than new - the tensile strength of the liner material is 3x that of the parent block.
When the block has been decked the liner is undetectable. (The process is perfectly legal for NASA and ALL other forms of motorsport. It is a long established method of salvaging expensive blocks).
See my engine block page for pictures.
Enquiries welcome from other engine builders.
Special Price for NOVA 1.3 - Liner and deck your block £295